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ChuMinh Tofu & Vegansim


Why We Opened


One of the most important reasons  for Chef Tanya opened Chuminh tofu and vegan deli in 2011 was for the love of everyone including animals.  Since then, Tanya’s path has become focused in a simple way—the practice of kindness for all creation.


Vietnam and Vegetarianism


Many people in Vietnam practice vegetarianism—and often they do so many times over their lives. Some for two, four, or ten months, and some for longer. Though Tanya’s practice of Buddhism gives a grounding for her vegetarianism, the experience of living and honoring life informs her in a more significant ways.


Care for Animals


Tanya believes that human’s first nature was to hunt and eat meat, but she also believes we have a special kind of mind and ability—to make decisions to improve our lives. With our mind we can go beyond our past and focus our consciousness in more compassionate ways. Now, all food served at ChuMinh Tofu is 100% vegan. 


Tanya’s Family and Workers


After Tanya opened her restaurant, her mother, father, and grandmother are all now vegetarians. More people working at ChuMinh are vegetarians and vegans, and some others practice vegetarianism for a certain period of time. We are happy to provide delicious vegan meals that delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike!


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