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About ChuMinh Tofu—Making Life Easier


ChuMinh Tofu opened as a small restaurant in 2011. We’ve expanded, but our goals are the same—to serve you delicious and inexpensive vegan food in a warm environment, and to make life easier for the animals we share the world with.


The Language of Food


A chef has a language and a relationship with food. When Tanya cooks, she loses herself in creating meals that nourish the body and radiate the love we put into its preparation. This love flows back; nuns come from temples to help with cooking, and customers share their lives with us—which warms our hearts. At ChuMinh Tofu we never feel tired with our full days—we only feel the energy our customers share with us.


What Dishes Are We Most Proud Of?


ChuMinh Tofu is proud of all our dishes! In the kitchen, our deepest attention and care is put into all of our cuisine. 

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